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    (Updated Aug 27, 2020)


    We are happy to confirm that both ice surfaces and our large gymnasium will be open starting on August 4, 2020. Unfortunately we are not yet in a position to open our fitness centre. We apologize for any inconvenience and will update this page when it is available.


    We will not be having drop in gym time or public skating/shinny until further notice.


    The Don Hartman North East Sportsplex has implemented the following COVID -19 policies for all user groups and their participants to adhere to while utilizing our facility.


    Upon payment of your rental contract, you are releasing the Don Hartman North East Sportsplex, its Board of Directors, and its employees from any liability due to Covid-19. Responsibility falls upon each person who enters the facility to practice the mandated physical distancing protocols and to wear the required face covers.


    All user groups who wish to enter understand the increased risk of Covid-19. We encourage each group to pass on this information to its participants for review. The Don Hartman North East Sportsplex has implemented policies recommended by Alberta Health Services (AHS) to maintain safe operations and are practicing all required COVID-19 cleaning guidelines.


    Each user group must have a Representative at every booking time who will take responsibility for ensuring all COVID-19 Guidelines are followed. REPRESENTATIVES: PLEASE FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO ALL YOUR PARTICIPANTS AND ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE READ IT. This representative must also keep a list of all players in attendance at each booking time as required contact tracing for AHS.





    When entering/exiting the facility, please use the main doors, which are located on the West side of the facility. Traffic flow will be marked with directional arrows.



    • Face masks or face shields are mandatory for everyone entering the building.
    • Please follow all floor markers to enter or exit the building and to navigate the hallways.
    • Please adhere to maximum amount of people in dressing rooms and follow spacing markers for physical distancing. Some participants will have to utilize the hallway to put skates on. (Masks are mandatory in all public areas in the building.)
    • Please come dressed as much as possible for your booking time.
    • Arena participants will be allowed into the building and their assigned dressing rooms 15 minutes before their ice time only and must vacate the dressing room within 15 mins after their booking time, no exceptions.
    • All showers are closed to help prevent COVID-19 transmission.
    • Arena users are restricted to a maximum of 25 players and 5 coaches per ice time.
    • Arena users are allowed one spectator per player to a maximum of 25 per side.
    • Arena spectators can enter the stands through the East or West arena doors only, masks must always remain on when in stands.
    • Spectators are not permitted to watch at ice level.
    • All user groups must keep a record of spectator and/or player attendance for AHS contact tracing purposes.
    • Gym participants will not be allowed into the gym before their booking time starts and must wait outside until the previous group leaves.
    • Spectators are not allowed in the gym, no exceptions.
    • Gym participants and coaches combined to a maximum of 50 for full gym bookings and 25 for half gym bookings.
    • Gym participants must leave promptly at the end of their booking time, no exceptions.
    • All Coaches/team representatives are responsible for sanitizing their own equipment (i.e. pucks, pylons, balls etc.). Users are will be responsible for ensuring that participants are adhering to physical distancing requirements. Anyone that is found to be not following the posted rules will be asked to leave the facility immediately and no refund will be given. This is very important, as AHS will be monitoring facilities for compliance.
    • The NESS Fitness studio is not open.


    City of Calgary COVID19 mask bylaw Q&A:

    "People actively engaging in athletic or fitness activities in gyms, sports centres and fitness studios would be exempt from the bylaw. However, if the facility is accessible to the public, people who are not engaging in such activities would have to wear a face covering."

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